ESN YTU, the section of Yıldız Technical University had become an ESN section in 2013 and since then every member and volunteer are trying hard to develop our section. Our vision is to represent our section, our university and our country in the most successful way. Our mission is to help our incoming Erasmus students to settle well in their mobility experience, gain cultural knowledge and collectpriceless memories. We, as ESN YTU, always try to be beneficial to our society by integrating Erasmus students with social communities (eg: orphanage, animal shelter, elementary school) to raise awareness and increase the cultural exchange by SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility projects. Moreover, we organize trips to introduce the beautiful parts of our country to the exchange students and enrich their experiences. We are a section that believes unity is the key word of Erasmus and cooperated events reach more success - so we also organize some events and trips in a collaboration with different ESN Turkey sections.

YTU, the 4th oldest university in Turkey, was founded in 1911 in order to meet the "science officer" (known previously as conductors, and today as technicians) needs of the Municipality Public Works Section. Buildings were granted from the Yıldız Palace annexes, which are still in use today. Today, YTU offers a range of programs at undergraduate and graduate levels, ranging from engineering disciplines to humanities and social sciences with ten faculties, two graduate schools, 2 Vocational Schools and a School of Foreign Languages . It also provides opportunities for qualified students and academicians to participate in exchange programs. In three campuses, the university and student clubs provide various social and sportive activities for more than 35.000 students.

Lastly, we would like to share our section’s motto with you! #esnmakesafamily