ESN Yeditepe

Yeditepe International Students Society was founded in 2009 and became an ESN section in the same year. As ESN Yeditepe we are helping Erasmus and Exchange students since our foundation, and we are trying to make their Erasmus/Exchange experiences unique and unforgettable by organising trips inside and outside of Istanbul such as Cappadocia and Ephesus Trips, Istanbul Old City tour, InternationalDay, and making ExchangeAbility and SocialErasmus projects regularly. We can give following projects as examples to our regular SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility projects: feeding dogs in campus, nursing house visits, dinner in the dark, awareness movie night, drawing without using hands, Erasmus in Schools project that we implement during the Cappadocia trip, and Down Cafe visit which we also won STARawards with it.

Yeditepe University was founded by the Istanbul education and Culture Foundation (ISTEK). It aims educating its studenta in the light of the thoughts and ideals of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. There are 64 departments in 13 faculties. Located in the outskirts of the miuntains, it also offers the magnificent Istanbul view and also fresh air and a picturesque environment between classes. 
With its language of education,that is English, it also offers second language possiblity to its students. In addition to its academic activities, it also provides the students necessary qualities to improve themselves with its 45 student's clubs and events.
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