ESN Uludağ

ESN Uludağ with its passionate team of ESNers in Bursa is ready to take care of international students. 

Since 2013, Esn Uludağ is working to offer the best Erasmus experience any student can have. Not only arranging buddies for the mentor program, but also organizing many events such as local and national trips, social projects, movie nights and much more.

Bursa, located in nortwestern Anatolia is the fourth biggest and one of the most industrialized cities in Turkey. Regardless of the heavy industrialization, it has the nickname “Green Bursa” for its parks and gardens woven into its urban fabric. Bursa is also the home of mount Uludağ, the highest mountain and ski resort in western Anatolia attracting tourists from around the region. Historically Bursa is the first capital city of the Ottoman State and has many historical sites ranging from inns to bazaars.

Located in Bursa, the Uludağ University includes 11 faculties, 3 vocational schools, 4 institutes and a conservatoire and has around 45.000 students.

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