ESN Marmara
ESN Marmara has been active since 2008, working with acceleration, organizing events such as parties, trips, cultural events, sports events and social events with their tireless team. They’ve been working really hard with their 3 main committees in the team, focusing on SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility mostly and trying to make sure they help the exchange students have an amazing Erasmus experience while also encouraging local students to study abroad. Their main goal is to create an international environment at the university and integrate foreign students and local students by organizing different types of events. 

Marmara University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Turkey. Established on 1883, carrying out education on 14 campuses in Istanbul on both the Asian and European shores. Close to 3,000 academic staff and more than 70,000 students are making contributions to Marmara University’s academic activities today, making it one of the most important institutes of higher education in Turkey.
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