ESN Işık
ESN Işık has been founded in 2007, since then, ESN Işık is one of the chatty sections of ESN Turkey. The team of ESN Işık dedicated itself to helping students as like every other sections. Picking up from airports, helping with the residence permit, organizing activities and trips, collaboration with other sections to meet more Erasmus students etc. ESN Işık has a strong bond with the University,resulting with great achievements, in both attracting new International students and attending ESN related meetings. ESN Işık is probably one of the funniest section, as their members and students always love to have fun whatever the situation is. 

Isik University is founded in 17 November 1996 and it is located in Şile/Istanbul. It is a property of a foundation called “Feyziye Mektepleri Foundation”. The foundation itself is founded in 1885 in Thessaloniki with the name of “Feyz-I Sıbyan”. In 1935, with the order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the name is changed to “Isik Lisesi”. Now, the foundation has an education chain starting form Primary School to University.
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