ESN Existanbul

ESN Existanbul, a section from İstanbul, representing İstanbul University. As a non-profit organisation, ESN Existanbul aims to provide help to Erasmus+ students at any level to make their Erasmus experience unforgettable. When ESN Existanbul became a member of ESN Turkey with the full support of ESN Turkey, it was milestone. Now with the values that created and vision, ESN Existanbul has strong connections from all over the world with hosting 400 students per year approximately! As the motto of ESN Existanbul “Exist Together” we are always a family! We are so proud to be active on each level of ESN, as we participate almost every event, meeting and taking responsibilities with our elected member for National Board, national and international committees. Even though we are one of the most active section, we also care about social inclusion and awareness. As a result we have two “Best SocialErasmus Project of ESN Turkey” and “Special SocialErasmus Project Prize of ESN Turkey” in 2015 as those projects are a tradition for us. This year ESN Existanbul awarded the “Best Event in ESN Turkey” with Fethiye-Ölüdeniz Trip also “Best Third Social Media Management in ESN Turkey”. 

Istanbul University was established in 1453 by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II. The university, which was first established in today's main building, was equivalent to Roman universities consisting of schools of medicine, law, philosophy and letters, and is considered to be the pioneer of university education in Istanbul. It was founded as an institution of higher education named the Darülfünûn (House of Multiple Sciences) on 23 July 1846 is regarded as the precursor to the Darülfünûn which evolved into Istanbul University in 1933. The university has twenty two faculties on five campuses; the main campus being on Beyazıt Square (with the main door), which was originally built by Constantine the Great as the Forum Tauri and was later enlarged by Theodosius the Great as the Forum of Theodosius during the Roman period. One of the world wide alumni of the University is Aziz Sancar who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their mechanistic studies of DNA repair. He also donated the Nobel Prize to İstanbul University!